On busy days such as rainy or hot days, the best time to come is in the morning, if possible at the opening. 

250 steps to go down
50 steps to go up

The upper part of the Caves has no steps and is wheelchair accessible.
The rest of the tour includes about 300 steps and is therefore not accessible. 
For more information, please consult the page dedicated to Accessibility

Bookings are required only for groups from 20 persons or for persons with disabilities (morning visit only). 

Strollers are not allowed because of the steps.
The use of baby carriers is recommended.

The temperature is 14°C all year round, so it is best to cover up.
Closed and comfortable shoes are recommended for the 300 steps. 

Free, shady parking is available for visitors. 

There is a parking area for campervans. 
Overnight parking is prohibited.

Bank card
ANCV (French national holiday voucher) in paper format

Animals are not accepted unless they are in a bag carried by their owner.

Photos are allowed but without flash. 
Flashes are forbidden during the entire visit. 

Yes, you can consult the Groups and Schools pages for more information. 

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