Music at the Grottes de Bétharram

The "Lestelle Festival", formerly known as "Mis Dos Isabeles", is back this year for its 9th edition, with an exceptional concert by artist Trinidad Jiménez, accompanied by three other musicians, in the heart of the Grottes de Bétharram. The special acoustics of the site will enhance their music, which combines flamenco with other styles, and the unique setting, made up of natural sculptures shaped by water over the millennia, will create a magical atmosphere.

After visiting the caves, Trinidad was charmed, and the place even inspired her to write one of her songs, "Paysages de l'eau" (Landscapes of water). So it is with passion that she will be performing in the space known as "The Bell". Organized by Julio Gonzalez, a member of the Zulu Fox association, and Ghislain Ross, director of the Grottes de Bétharram, with the aim of offering spectators a unique musical experience in an exceptional natural setting, this concert, entitled "Racine Sud" (Southern Root), will feature deep and rich melodies.

The "Lestelle Festival" will take place over two consecutive weekends. The concert at the caves will take place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, preceded by an aperitif and followed by a gourmet meal at Le Vieux Logis restaurant. The following weekend, October 13-14-15, flamenco will take center stage at the Lestelle Betharram village hall.

Who is Trinidad Jiménez ?

Trinidad (born in 1984 in Almeria) is a Spanish flutist who fuses flamenco and jazz, distinguishing herself through constant musical research and authentic, innovative interpretation. She combines diverse musical influences and has performed at prestigious festivals in Spain and abroad, in Europe, Asia and Africa throughout her career.

Prices and booking 

The price for the aperitif and concert is €25, while dinner is €40. Places are limited. 

For further information and to buy tickets: 06 35 36 41 04 or e-mail

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