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You will begin your exploration by visiting the upper part of the Caves which is rich in speleothems and impressive with its voluminous rooms.

Then you will descend an 80m chasm to reach the bed of the river and change the setting. You will then be in the bowels of the Earth where you will be able to observe the erosion work that water has done and continues to do today. After a boat ride on the underground river, you will board a small train for the last 700 meters of the Caves

Upon leaving, you will have crossed the mountain and experienced a unique trip in Europe.

Boat crossing

Get on board for a unique experience and let yourself be guided through the underground wonders of the caves during an unforgettable boat crossing.

Picturesque train

Finish off your exploration on a high note: embark on our picturesque train for a memorable 700-meter trip, while admiring the last wonders of the caves.

Usefull information

  • 14°C inside the caves: year roud, constant temperature
  • Duration of the tour: about 1h20
  • All tours are guided
  • Audioguide available in 10 languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch, English, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Czech)
  • People with mobility troubles, please consult Accessibility page
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