Caves International Day

Tourist Caves and Underground World International Day

On 6 June, we will celebrate this unique day dedicated to discovering the wonders hidden beneath our feet. Immerse yourself in a magical world where stalactites and stalagmites tell the story of the underground world.

To mark the occasion, each family will receive an exclusive magnet with the logo specially designed for the event, a way of remembering this magical day.

But the festivities don't stop there! On Saturday 8 June, we will be extending this celebration with a musical touch. Talented musicians from the Dahu collective will liven up the afternoon with traditional Pyrenean songs in the heart of the caves. Imagine the beauty of the voices resonating in these natural caves, adding an even more enchanting dimension to your visit.

Come and experience an extraordinary adventure, discover the hidden beauty of our planet and create unforgettable family memories. We look forward to seeing you there to share these moments of magic and wonder on the  Tourist Caves and Underground World International Day!

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